Lemon Souffle Pancakes | tamingofthespoon.com

Lemon Soufflé Pancakes

We went to London for a family vacation last week and had a blast. We did the typical touristy things like visiting the Tower of London, Harrods and Buckingham Palace but my favorite destination (by far) was Borough Market. It is a food lovers dream! Fresh produce, handmade pasta, amazing breads, charcuterie, cheeses, gourmet chocolates, prepared …
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Vietnamese Coffee 2

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

I know it seems crazy to talk about iced coffee when we're about to have another cold front blow through. But this isn't just any iced coffee, it's authentic Vietnamese iced coffee - it's strong but sweet and creamy at the same time. I'm willing to don an extra sweater and turn up the heat to enjoy it. Besides, I really needed it this week for all …
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Mu Shu Chicken | tamingofthespoon.com

Quick and Easy Mu Shu Chicken

It's dreary outside. Let's eat something colorful. Like this quick and easy mu shu chicken. It has everything you need for a complete nutritious meal - sautéed vegetables, scrambled eggs, shredded chicken, and a yummy hoisin sauce to tie it all together. The fact that it comes together so quickly will have you smiling in no time. The best …
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Brownie Sundae | tamingofthespoon.com

Brownie Sundaes with Easy Homemade Fudge Sauce

I meant to get this post out in time for Valentine's Day. Obviously, that didn't happen so I am using Fat Tuesday as an occasion to post about my favorite brownies and fudge sauce and my favorite way to use them. Sometimes you want something indulgent without having to exert a lot of effort. Enter the brownie sundae. Who can resist a dense, moist …
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Beef Wellington Tart | tamingofthespoon.com

Beef Wellington Tarts

Here's a perfect little recipe for your Valentine's Day Dinner for two - beef Wellington tarts. It's fancy and elegant but totally approachable so you can enjoy a romantic dinner at home. Or if you are like me and have kids at home who will be joining you for said dinner then it makes a great special occasion meal too. The recipe can easily be …
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Red Quinoa and Edamame | tamingofthespoon.com

Red Quinoa and Edamame

As promised, today I am sharing the recipe for the red quinoa and edamame salad I teased about last time. This recipe is so simple, you can hardly even call it a recipe yet it yields such a colorful and flavorful dish. The fact that it is packed full of nutrition is just a nice bonus. Using red quinoa here is key. Don't even think about …
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