Chicken Orzo Soup |

Chicken Orzo Soup

After several big heavy meals over the long weekend, I was ready for something quick, easy and light. This chicken orzo soup came through (as it always does). I have been making this soup for a long time, tweaking the recipe here and there over the years. The original recipe was not even for a soup but chicken breasts served in a light creamy …
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Campechana |

Shrimp Campechana

I survived the first week of school and am ready for a long weekend. I realize it was my kids who actually had to go to school and figure out where their classes were and meet their new teachers and start doing homework again. However, I think all the moms and dads out there who helped make their children's first week back to school an easy one …
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Mahi Mahi with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce |

Mahi-mahi with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce

When I need a quick and healthy dinner, I turn to fish. There is almost always one variety of fish that is in season and available fresh. And when you have great fish to start with, you need to do very little to it to have a great tasting meal. In this case, a light coconut curry sauce adds just enough zing to to keep things interesting. The fact …
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Salted Caramel and Pecan Chocolate Cake |

Salted Caramel and Pecan Chocolate Cake

Yes, that drippy, gooey caramel slowing sliding down the side of the cake really is as yummy as it looks. I might have tasted it a little bit as I was photographing this salted caramel and pecan chocolate cake. Honestly, I was just cleaning up wayward caramel drips.  Salted caramel and chocolate is already one of my favorite combinations - throw in …
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