Spiced Lamb Burger | tamingofthespoon.com

Spiced Lamb Burgers

Yes, it's more stuff from the grill! As I have mentioned before, grilling is a new frontier for me. After many years of making my husband do all the grilling, I decided to get over my fear and learn to do it myself. It was getting to be a bit a sad that there were certain recipes I wasn't willing to try because they required grilling. Granted, I am …
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Grilled Pizza | tamingofthespoon.com

Grilled Pizza {for those scared of grilling}

I love eating grilled pizzas. The crust has that certain crispiness and char that oven baking just can't replicate. As much as I have read about how easy grilled pizza is to make, I must admit I have always been intimidated by the process. The idea of having to maneuver dough on to hot grill grates as it is sticking to your fingers while (what …
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Cranberry Orange Crumb Bars | tamingofthespoon.com

Cranberry Orange Crumb Bars

Even though it is September and the weather has gotten a teensy-tiny bit cooler, I am not quite ready to fully embrace fall just yet. After all, I live in Houston and it will be at least another month before the weather will really start to feel like fall. However, I am willing to ease into the new season, in part, thanks to my totally awesome …
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Chicken Orzo Soup | tamingofthespoon.com

Chicken Orzo Soup

After several big heavy meals over the long weekend, I was ready for something quick, easy and light. This chicken orzo soup came through (as it always does). I have been making this soup for a long time, tweaking the recipe here and there over the years. The original recipe was not even for a soup but chicken breasts served in a light creamy …
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